Hard Drive / DVD / CD

Replacements / Upgrades and Recovery

Laptop hard drives are the workhorse of your laptop and can fail due to several reasons. Thes range form Electronic failure, Mechanical Failure or Logical failure. The same can be said for DVD / CD Drives. Here at Laptop Repairs Cornwall we can replace the hard drives and DVD / CD Drives on site, using the highest quality replacement parts. Most new hard drives come with a 3 to 5 year warranty, and can often be replaced within a day or so. (subject to parts being in stock).

Hard Drives and Data Recovery

Electronic Failure:

Explanation: Electronic failure usually relates to problems on the controller board of the actual hard disk. The computer may suffer a power spike or electrical surge that knocks out the controller board on the hard disk making it undetectable to the BIOS.

Electrical failures - How to diagnose: Common Symptom

Actions to take

Mechanical Failure:

Mechanical hard disk failures are those which develop on components internal to the hard disk itself. Often as soon as an internal component goes faulty the data on the hard disk will become inaccessible.

Mechanical failures - How to diagnose: Common Symptoms

Actions to take

Note: We see many laptop hard drives with mechanical failure. Fortunately the data is often recoverable. For specific symptoms.

Do not be tempted to open a hard disk if you suspect a mechanical fault: there is nothing you will be able to do and you will contaminate the internal clean air environment. There is also a good chance that during this process you will destroy any chance that we have of successfully recovering the data


DVD / CD Drives

DVD and CD Drives suffer from lots of different types of failure an can also be replaced within a day or so. (subject to parts being in stock).


This covers any make and model including the following:

Acer, Alcam, Alienware, AMAX, AMS, Afina, Arm, Ashton, Advent, Asus, Averatec, Compaq, CTX, Dell, ECS, Emachines, Eversham, EPS, Fujitsu, Fujitsu Siemens, Gateway Gigatech, Hitachi, HP, Hyperdata, IBM, MTC, NEC, Northgate, Northstar Notebook (Clones), Packard Bell, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and many more.

If your make of laptop is not listed above, please call first to enquire if we cover your make, don't worry we probably do.

Laptop Cleaning

Believe it or not, but laptops really do suffer when they get a dust build-up.

TCS recommend having your laptop cleaned at least once per year if your laptop is used over 3-4 times a week. We can offer this service (together with a check-up and optimisation of your operating system) with prices starting from £40.

We cover the following areas

Truro, Bodmin, Bude, Camborne, Falmouth, Hayle, Helston, Marazion, Mullion, Newquay, Penryn, Padstow, Penzance, Porthleven, Portreath, Redruth, Rock, Roseland, Sennen, St Agnes, St Austell, St Breward, St Buryan, St Ives, St Just, St Mawes, The Lizard and all the areas in between

Laptop Running Slow ?

This could be caused by:
Malware / Viruses / Lack of System Memory / Shortage of hard drive space / CPU Fan clogged up with dirt and dust / Registry Errors / Bad Sectors on your hard drive / Even Anti-Virus Programs or it could be as simple as your system just needs a clean up and some TLC

Book your laptop in now for a full checkup

Did you know that a slowness and some hardware failures can be prevented by regular maintenance. ??